Här är ytterligare ett exempel på vad idrott och sport kan hjälpa personer med ADHD. Hitta något man tycker om, kanalisera sin energi åt något positivt och dessutom bli riktigt bra på det. Ayden från England är ett bra exempel för det.

”Mum Angela explained: “Due to having ADHD and issues dealing with his frustrations we thought we would try him at a sport to help him with this.
Boxing taught him so much about dealing with frustration and anger as we had a lot of problems at school and home with this.
It’s always good to raise awareness and understanding of such conditions rather than make assumptions about them.”
She said the sport has had such a positive effect on her son that he is determined to work hard to keep improving himself.

Här kan du läsa hela artikeln om Ayden https://www.grampianonline.co.uk/sport/ayden-s-a-mighty-scottish-champion-192772/

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